With SGC we boost the productivity of commercial teams.

A place for tasks management conducive to organization and to keeping the commercial team updated.

Leading company in the making of security footwear.

We made a centralized tool for planning and tracking.

The sustained work along in time made possible to consolidate a development and implementation team.

With the participation of the company, in an agile software development schema.

Main benefits and key achievements

  • We built an environment for interaction with high usability, security and availability.
  • We generated a flexible, normalized and scalable data structure. We imported and consolidated historically generated data on multiple platforms.
  • We made key information available online.
  • We streamlined the time required to load activities and query information.
  • We freed users from repetitive and tedious activities so they could work on tasks that add value instead.
  • We generated business intelligence tools to analyze sales behavior.
  • We integrated the developed modules with the rest of the systems in a transparent way, using web services (including Bejerman, SGP and self-management modules).
  • Using geolocation and geodecoding technology, we presented clients in maps, adding geographic tools to organize management.
  • We provided a space for the management of tasks within the system, promoting the organization and keeping the commercial team updated.