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Agile software development & consulting .

The transformation you need

clouds psiware

Connect with agility

and reach the results you've always imagined.

and take your project to a new level of development.

and begin with the transformation you need.

At psiware we specialize in agile development software. We give wings to your projects so that you can reach the objectives you always imagined straightaway.

software technology partner

Software technology partner .

Our teams are trained and highly motivated to take on the development of innovative software, that transform your ideas in reality.

consulting software development

Consulting & software development .

Create with us great allies for the daily work: we propose software development both for small and big projects, with an agile management that turn the designs scalable, more functional and adaptative.

team coaching consulting

Team coaching & consulting .

When technology advances exponentially, expert advice is essential both to keep your work teams trained as well as to select and implement the advances that will help improve production processes and services.

create with us strong allies for daily operations.


High performance and integration websites

GALA Global International Association to deploy the most valuable initiatives for its members.

Innovative solutions to the manufacturing industry dynamics

Beside Maincal S.A. we design creative solutions to the integral management of its manufacturing processes. As a part of their team, we contribute by technologically enriching their most ambitious projects for many years.

manufacturing industry dynamics

Market-ready gambling solutions

Get to know our gaming platform that includes a variety of products ready to fill the needs of the most competitive areas of the global market..

gambling solutions

Drupal web and mobile experiences

We've been creating digital experiences using Drupal to deploy web content for multiple devices for over 12 years.

From start-ups MVP projects to high performance websites for large companies and organizations.

The work sustained over time allowed us to consolidate a development and implementation team, including the the company’s involvement, in an agile software development scheme.

strategic location

Strategic location

We're located in Rosario, República Argentina, a country renowned worldwide for the quality of human resource training specialized in the software development and IT services.