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Keep your website updated and secure.

Drupal migration

Bring your online project to a new level of technology and security.

Each new Drupal version includes hundreds of improvements, security updates, and speed optimizations. Furthermore, they are always up to date with the most cuttingedge online technologies.

We have a migration process in that will enable you to use the most up-to-date and secure version of the platform while following to your own pace of implementation. We successfully completed several migrations across all stable platform versions.

Using our migration process you will be able to:

  • Split and combine content types, taxonomies, and other things.
  • Re-write sections.
  • Revisit the navigation flow.
  • Create a better content strategy for your website.

Do you use WordPress or a different CMS platform?

There is no problem! We can adapt it into a 100% Drupal solution by transforming existing components into a solution designed to evolve, grow, and operate at maximum performance.